Saturday, May 27, 2006

New Day... New Blog

What???? I am blogging for the second time in as many days. Whoa... stop the presses LOL.

So, I can't seem to stop watching that Clay Aiken guy and his performance on AI5. Which of course led to an absolute downloading frenzy. I have downloaded so many montages in the last few hours it isn't even funny.

And then... I started listening to all the "vintage" Clay music. *SIGH* Clay and Ruben singing "The Girl is Mine*, Clay, Ruben and Rickey Smith singing "What the World Needs Now"... and now... listening to "Carolina in My Mind" and that little growly thing he does when he sings the word "ain't" or "can't" or "hit". Fields of Gold... the whole bloody rendition just slays me. "Sweet Baby James" and "You've Got a Friend" from the James Taylor set GAH!!!

Man... I'm gonna be here all nite.

I uploaded a new drawing to my website while I was listening to all this awesome music. This one's a special one, close to my heart...

ETA: Man Oh Man... I told you I was gonna be here all nite. Listening to ISY now... from the GMA Summer Concert Series... Growly, attitudey, brooding Clay... yup... that's me on the floor, one big friggen puddle of goo!!

Friday, May 26, 2006


Hehehe... you thought I was going to put "sooooooooooooooo tallllllllllllllll" didn't you maggieo???

This is my first blog. I was convinced to start one by my bestest buddy maggieo. She thought it would be a great place for me to put up my artwork too. I agree :)

So, as you can see by my banner... I do a lot of drawing. You can see more at

I started drawing again about two years ago, inspired by that talllllllllllll Clay Aiken guy :)

Anywhoo... check out my stuff, and I will try to blog regularly.